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Amulet of Telepathy

Jewlery items are printed in resin and hand painted accents are added. They will also include a gaming card with possible rules for their use in dnd and other tabletop gaming sessions. They are not heirloom quality but should last a long-time with proper care.  If cleaning is needed - hand wash in warm soapy water. Available in Red, Blue, Green and custom painted colors.

Amulet of Telepathy

  • Game Mechanic

    You can communicate telepathically with any creature ina 60 ft radius from you. When you communicate telepathically with a creature, ou learn the creature's greatest desires if the amulet's eye can see the creature. 

    Optional Curse: This amulet whispers to you. After a week of wearing it you make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw after you finish a long rest. If you suceed teh DC increases by 2 and if you fail  you have to roll on the Indefinite Madness table and don't have to make Wisdom saving throws anymore.

    Requires: Attunement    5,000 GP

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